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Today, 1 in 6 children will be diagnosed with a neurobehavioral disorder and depending on who you quote, 1 in 66 will be diagnosed Autistic. Is this an improvement in diagnosing or is something truly wrong? Children are losing their childhood; they can’t learn, play, socialize, or imagine their future. They are labeled everything from Autistic, Asperger, Progressive Developmental Delay, Oppositional Defiance Disorder, Tourette’s, AD(H)D, Anxious, and this list continues to grow. These diagnoses will impact your child’s future. Neurobehavioral disorders are considered a pre-psychiatric condition and unless they are reversed, your child’s future is limited.

So why are so many children needing rescue from pervasive and devastating disorders? Are these escalating statistics in neurobehavioral disorders a result of improved diagnosing? If so, how were so many children missed. Some say this is a genetic problem; it is simply impossible to have escalating statistical climbs, as we are witnessing today, resulting from a defective genetic expression. Genes are affected by chemicals, electromagnetic frequencies, and even your beliefs. Genes express themselves based on the environment they live in.

Genetic activity can be shaped and this is known as "epi"-(playing upon) genetics. Genetic activity is involved prior to conception, during pregnancy, and individually throughout your life. Genetic predisposition is simply just that – a predisposition. The usual suspects for causing or triggering Autism, Asperger, PDD, AD(H)D, OCD, Anxiousness, etc, are tissue damage, suppression of immune function, interference with detoxification, allergic reactions, and simply inflammation during opened developmental windows.

Healing your brain requires normal brain-wave function. Neurobehavioral disorders are a result of dysregulated or impaired brain waves. Brain dysregulation leads to a cluster of symptoms such as, inability to think, socialize, digest, eliminate, and move. Removing the causes and triggers will reduce the interference on the brain’s function which ultimately creates a healing environment. The healed brain can now “think” which allows a vital and harmonic flow of communication between the internal organs or systems. Communication is the opportunity for the internal network to respond to the brain’s subtle commands.

Original Development is a brain based program.  Our mission is to eliminate the causes and triggers leading to brain dysregulation and re-integrate or calibrate the brain’s ability to thrive. Please continue to read to learn more about Dr. Laura Hanson’s background in working with children for 17 years. Visit available social media links and newsletters for additional information on epigenetics, developmental delay, neurobehavioral diagnoses, drug-free treatments, and therapies. Using our contact link, Dr. Hanson will personally respond to your questions.